2013 Early Top Ten-More Of The Same

2013 Early Top Ten-More Of The Same
January 10, 2013, 1:30 pm
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Eddie Lacy was unstoppable against the Irish

(Matt Cashore-USA Today Sports)

We are a couple days removed from the BCS title game and I am still popping in the TE (ok Iused thedvr but it sounds cooler) and marveling at Alabama's destruction of Notre Dame. The offensive execution on the long drives is "clinic tape" material. The Crimson Tide scored 14 points in the first quarter, after the Irish had given up just 9 points all season in the first quarter. Doug Nussmeier deserves some credit as well with terrific play calling, but it started up front where the Tide offensive line had a "hat on a hat".

The Alabama defensive speed to the ball was unmatched by the Irish offense. The Notre Dame passing game looked like the one I ran in high school for my JV team. They thought they could get fades on the Alabama secondary and especially Deion Blue. He played well and the Tide were never fooled, especially after Notre Dame called them the "weak link".

The game showed us that the gap between the SEC and the rest of college football is not getting closer but much wider. The league has won seven straight by an average of 17 points. There has been just one game decided by single digits in the last 7 that was Auburn 22-19 against Oregon.

SEC Margin of Victory Last 7 BCS Championship Games

  • Florida won by 27 over Ohio St.
  • LSU won by 14 over Ohio St.
  • Florida won by 10 over Oklahoma
  • Alabama won by 16 over Texas
  • Auburn won by 3 over Oregon
  • Alabama won by 21 over LSU
  • Alabama won by 28 over Notre Dame

Why not a way too early top 10 for 2013?

All of my top 10 teams return their starting quarterbacks and that is my theme for now.

  1. Alabama- AJ McCarron is back with plentyof help.
  2. Texas A&M- Johnny Football gets 1 in week 3 of season.
  3. Stanford- Theyre the best out West because they are physical.
  4. South Carolina-Good QB play and Mr. Clowney.
  5. Oregon-Stanford is only road block for Chip Kelly.
  6. Ohio St.-Best team in Big Ten and Braxton Miller is back.
  7. Florida-Don't let the Sugar Bowl fool you they also have their QB back.
  8. Clemson- Tajh Boyd is back and Clemson is the best in the ACC.
  9. Georgia- Aaron Murray Is back and leads ahigh potent attack.
  10. Louisville- Teddy Bridgewater is back and they are the kings of the BigEast.

I don't even have a Big 12 team listed, Notre Dame or LSU.Oklahoma has become soft on defense and Texas is soft on offense.LSU will be ok and they have some key games at home (FloridaTexasA&M) but they need to spice up their offense to off set the losses to the NFL.  Notre Dame goes backwards this year without Te'o and the magical season. When looking for teams with low expectations how about USC and Lane Kiffin? They usually perform better with zero expectations so keep an eye on them and UCLA out west. Look for Miami, ,Arizona,Ole Miss and Michigan to have better than expected seasons. But as is every season, there will be one team that comes off the pack to make some noise and maybe that could be North Carolina in 2013.

The bottom line is that in the last year of the BCS we will have one SEC team playing for the national title and don't be surprised if we go back to two in the title game. That is the only way to guarantee a loss for the nation's best conference. Wet your early season appetite for football with this three week stretch.

  • Aug 31- Clemson vs Georgia
  • Sept 7-Georgia vs South Carolina
  • Sept 14-Alabama vs Texas A&M

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