AP Poll released

AP Poll released
August 19, 2012, 2:44 pm
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This past weekend the AP poll came out with plenty offanfare and conversation. The USC Trojans were the number one team in thecountry creating plenty of discussion as the top challenger to the SECs reign.During the BCS Era the AP poll has been rendered unimportant, even when theycrowned the Trojans co-national champions in 2003 with LSU. The BCS is whateveryone is playing for and the AP wanted no part of this soon to be de-functchampionship formula. So why the hype over the AP? I meant if it doesnt meananything then why should we care what a bunch of sportswriters think? Here area few reasons why I think the AP Poll still matters in college football.1.It was created in 1934 by Charles Woodroof theassistant director for SEC Media relations. The first poll was launched in 1936and crowned (Derrick Rackleys) Minnesota Golden Gophers the National Championsof college football. I think the factthat we have all grown up with the AP poll and its longevity gives itsubstantial credibility. They began to rank teams after bowl games beginning in1968.2.The media often criticized for not playingfootball watches more football than coaches. While the exclusion from the BCScame on the APs choice, they tend to get it right. They have no rooting agendasand are strictly voting based on their opinion and what they see.3.The give out a Trophy! The AP NationalChampionship Trophy is beautiful football trophy that is very similar to theVince Lombardi Trophy given to the NFL champion.The SEC has five of the top tenteams in the Poll which is the most by any conference in the first ten in thehistory of the poll. Here are some notes from Charles Bloom of the SEC publicrelations.-This is the fifth straight yearthat the SEC has had two teams in the top five.-Since 2000 the SEC has had 70teams in the preseason AP Poll, an average of 5.4 per year.-Five of the last six years theSEC has had six teams ranked in the preseason AP Poll.-The rankings of the SECs lastsix BCS Champions in the AP Preseason Poll -Alabama-2nd -Auburn-22nd -Alabama-5th -Florida-5th -LSU-2nd -Florida6thNone have been ranked number onejust like this year.Two Minute Drill-Florida and Auburn will be naming a quarterback soon for the fansand the media. But I am thinking both of those battles will go into September. Dontget me wrong if the first guy lights it up then that may do it in both casesbut I believe both coaching staff are trying to keep all four guys engaged inthe program as to not lose a guy mentally when he doesnt win the job. Theother advantage to naming a quarterback game week is there is not shot of theloser transferring.-The Volunteers lost another tight end to injury on Friday withBrendan Downs getting hurt. The Vols are going to be in a lot of three widesets but want to keep the tight end involved in the run game. I wouldnt besurprised if Derek Dooley rotates a backup tackle at tight end to keep the oneback sets balanced with run and pass.-Georgia running back Keith Marshall is catching a lot of attentionon the practice field and while he probably wont be the opening day starter, Ibelieve he will become October. His speed and vision will be on display weektwo at Missouri.-Alabamas Eddie Lacy tweaked an ankle this weekend in the scrimmage,but freshman TJ Yeldon continues to impress.Also freshman receiver Amari Cooper has been dinged up with a footinjury. The receiver position is the only question mark right now on theCrimson Tide offense. They also still need a backup quarterback to emerge andthat may take some time during the season.
Less than Two Weeks to Go!Starting next week I look forwardto previewing and reviewing the games. College football is the greatest game onearth and each year brings us a new chapter in a never ending book. Who will bethis years surprise team? Who will come out of nowhere to make some noiseuntil deep November? Where will the first upset come from? When do we get to thatweekend where multiple ranked teams go down? Which player will pull a RobertGriffin III or Cam Newton and surge to a Heisman Trophy? Can the SEC win sevenin a row and if not who dethrones them? So many storylines to watch and so muchnewness with college football in 2012. We have two years left of the BCS andits much maligned way of determining a National Champion. I still believe thissystem is better than any other we have had including declaring championsbefore Bowl Games back in the day! The four team playoff is around the cornerand the future is bright for the game, so lets enjoy this chapter 2012 and seewhat the season brings us!

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