Camp begins in the SEC

Camp begins in the SEC
August 2, 2012, 12:55 pm
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August is finally here and that brings us the long arduous grind of camp. For the nextthree to four weeks team will be 100 football all the time. It is an importanttime to get your team ready for the season, but its not what it used to be.This month used to be a way to get guys in shape, develop some team chemistryand make them tougher. That is not thecase anymore for several reasons. 1.The NCAA changed the two a days rule a decadeago to help player safety.2.Teams often have their entire team at summerworkouts and with them year round.3.Freshmen are enrolling early or at least by thesecond summer term.4.Team Building is for the summer in conjunctionwith the weight room.5.Roster size prevents too many physical practicesespecially with a longer season now.So what is the August Camp for? Its for position battles tobe decided and teams to shore up their weak spots. For the 14 SEC teams theyall have at least one main focus for fall camp as the ready for the season.Here is my best guess at where their focus may lie.1.Alabama- They need to spend a little extra timeon Special Teams. Create game like situations to build confidence in theirkicking game.2.LSU- Establish Zach Mettenberger as the guy andcontinue to develop a passing game. The flirtation with Bolden from Penn Statehas me concerned just a bit. 3.Arkansas- I really think the focus has to be onthe defense. Give the 1s confidence by scrimmaging the 2s and 3s will helpthem develop the swagger to compete.4.Georgia- Find a run game that you haveconfidence in. I know everyone will talk about the corner position, but theywill be fine there by week 3. In October they must be able to run to beat SCand UF.5.South Carolina- Spurrier needs to find a go-toreceiver. They will be a running team, but remember in the past Lattimore hadJeffrey keeping guys out of the box.6.Florida- Everyone will talk quarterback, butthis team will win with defense and turnovers. Gators must get more aggressiveattacking the ball from the secondary.7.Auburn-They need to pick a quarterback in myopinion. The Tigers have better talent than most and if they can get someone tostep up they could have a great season.8.Mississippi State- I think the Bulldogs willthrow a lot so the more Russell can do it in practice the more it will helpthem in the regular season.9.Tennessee- the Volunteers are a team you hopebuilt chemistry in the summer. I think the run game is still the focus andestablishing a play or two you can hang your hat on.10.Texas A&M- Word is the Aggies dont have theright fit yet at Quarterback to run Kingsburys offense. Sumlin may tweak theoffense to suit the guy under center, but defense and the line in general willbe the focus.11.Vanderbilt-Commodores are looking for leaders ondefense and mainly at the line backing position. They know they have a hugeopener so a physical camp will be important.12.Missouri- I think Gary Pinkel has to run twotypes of practices. One that benefits his explosive offense and one that getshis defense ready for the ground and pound SEC.
13.Kentucky- Find some playmakers on offense is thekey for Kentucky. The Wildcats need more offense and more big plays. 14.Ole Miss- Hugh Freeze has a very thin roster soexpect him to cater to his up tempo offense. The Rebels will practice fasterthan any team in the league..Follow me on twitter @bradyack.

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