Just a few days left to Vote! Celeste gives a few reasons why you should...

Just a few days left to Vote! Celeste gives a few reasons why you should...
November 9, 2011, 10:00 pm
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Tony Chacheres Creole Seasoning is kind of addicting, tosay the least. Once you start tosprinkle it on chicken and steak you start to realize, Wow, this stuff isincrediblewhat else can we spice up?!You will grab it over salt and pepper and will soon find a reason tocook gumbofrom scratch. You will tryit on eggs, in shrimp and grits, and then just a dash will finish off yourbuffalo mozzarella and beefsteak tomatoes fresh from the garden. Soon you will be cooking everything withTonysshake it on your turkey sandwichor how about on popcorn? I dare you to find something that doesnttaste better with Tonys!
And with only a few days left to vote.here are my thoughtson the finalist in the 2nd Annual Tony Chacheres Tailgating Cook-off:
Alabama Chicken Sausage Gumbo: Gumbo from Scratch made easywith Tonys roux mix, add some chicken thighs, spicy sausage and few veggiesand all you need is a crowd to feed and a game to watch!
Arkansas Razor Back Sliders: Never had wild boar? Give it a try! Or, take the recipe and mix equal parts porkand ground beef. These sliders are greatas your go to snack for the big game.
Auburn Redfish on the half shell: This fish will be your new mascot! Grilling an entire fishgills, scales andfacesounds scary but is so much fun and really delicious. Tonys and butter are all you need to turnfishy to fancy!
Florida Triple Decker Spicy Fish sandwich with CrispyJalapenos: as an FSU graduate it is against my religion to vote for the FloridaGators, but this recipe makes me think twice about my alma mater. The sandwich is delicious but the crispy beerand Tonys battered jalapenos take it over the top! (Maybe after the votingends we should fry up some gator meat in this batterGo Noles)
Georgia Corn and Sausage Chowder: this chowder is easy,inexpensive to make and delicious! I think my favorite part of this chowder ishow it warms you up from the inside!And, you can spice it up with some extra Tonys to really make it hot!
Kentucky ChickenAndouille Bundles in Burgoo Bath on toastedCreole garlic French bread drizzled with a bourbon reduction: This recipe is worthy of a top chefchallenge. It does have several steps,yet each step can also stand alone! Thebourbon reduction would be great on grilled shrimp, and the French bread withcilantro garlic butter is a perfect tailgate snack. BUTput everything together and it is pureperfection!
LSU Grilled sirloin roll-ups with jalapeno and onion,wrapped in bacon: I think we can all agree a sprinkle of Tonys and some baconmake just about anything taste great!These rollups are just the right mix of spicy, with the jalapenos, andsweet, since they are marinated in pineapple juice. The Bengal Blue dipping sauce is creamy, cooland would be great as a dip for fried jalapenosif you have any left aftereating your roll-ups.
Mississippi State BULLDOG Jambalaya Rice: you had me at one pot Jambalaya! This dish is hearty, easy to make, and feedsan army and a football team. The coloris fabulous bc of the kitchen bouquet and the rice will stick to yourribs..so grab a bowl and an extra beer, weve got Jambalaya!
Ole Miss City Grocery's Catfish Cheesecake: catfish andcheesecake are two words that are usually not side-by-side. BUT, we may have to add this combination tothe Tony Chacheres dictionary. Thissavory cheesecake is insanely good.it is a perfect side for a feast or enoughto serve as a main dish. Plus, it is themost versatile of all the recipes.you can substitute shrimp or crabmeat, addsome spinach and sun dried tomatoes and bam!...Ole Miss just got a spot on thecheesecake map!
South Carolina Spicy Grilled Pork Tenderloins: this recipe wasthe crews favorite. As the chef, I willsay, the clean-up put it at the top of my favorite list as well. Tender pork in a brine means prep is thenight before and the sauce gets made in a Ziploc. Honey, Im cooking dinner and doing thedishes tonight bc the Game Cocks are on and I got a game to watch!
Tennessee Stuffed Cornish Hens: Cornish hens are just socutecorn bread just tastes delicious.this recipe, when cooked until done hasa hint of orangeif that isnt enough to make you hurry to the store to cook ittry thisthe creator is a former Tennessee Volunteer and Atlanta Falconplayer. Have a party, cook these hensand tell everyone your good friend, Will Overstreet, gave you this recipe backin college!
Vanderbilt Slow Cooked Onion On Grill: those Vandy Grads areknown for being brilliant! This recipeis just that, genius actually! Quick,easy, and simple enough for those that are not into cooking! Try it on steak, top your burger with it,cook the onions, chop them up, and serve them as relish for your brat! You will look smarter just by serving this atyour tailgate!

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