LSU vs. Ole Miss, Tony Chacheres Tailgating Cook-off and a bunch of college kids

LSU vs. Ole Miss, Tony Chacheres Tailgating Cook-off and a bunch of college kids
June 7, 2011, 2:52 pm
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A funny November 2010 CSS sent me to an LSUOleMiss game to host the final piece of the 2010 Tony Chacheres Tailgating Cook-off. I flew into Baton Rouge on a Friday and metmy good friend and her sister, an LSU graduate, for a few hours to learn allabout LSU. I met young college kidsexcited about the big game, took a run around the lake for some exercise andsaw most of sorority row. We ate sushifor dinner--phenomenal place with a great view of the city--and I hit my hotelearly, ready to work with the Tonys crew and the three contestants in the AM.My cab driver picked me up around8 in the morning and I headed to Tiger Stadium for a long day of tailgating, filming andeating! The crowd started to form, thesmokers started to smoke and the party really started when the LSU tiger showedup! The final result was a great day filled with amazing food, newfriends, awesome recipes and a new appreciation for Tony Chacheres Seasoning, ricemixes, marinades--along with a new found love of something the LSU folks call hush puppies (I might haveto dedicate an entire blog to those hush puppies, someday). At the conclusion of the contest, my good friend and hersister took me to their tailgate, fed me again and scored me great seats towatch LSU beat Ole Miss. After the gamewe enjoyed yet more food (leftovers are the best) and headed home to change andmeet up again for the final stop on my LSU tour, a college bar with an 80scover band.
And here is where the story getsgood...As a mother of two, a wife for 10 years and a graduate ofFSU class of 1997 it has been a few years since my days in a college town,college bar or college apartment, for that matter. I was picked up at 10pm and had a bottle ofred wine with me as a gift for my friend, her sister and her brother since wewere headed to his apartment first to pre-party. Upon walking in, I was immediately taken backto the days I spent at FSU with no money for anything. I asked if they had a wine key (a what?) andperhaps a glass (umcheck the kitchen).What I found were seven bare cupboards, no glasses, no plastic cups, no food, no wine key, and, among the tower of empty beer cans on the counter, a lone bottle of Tony ChacheresOriginal Creole Seasoning--no joke.
That was the perfect end to my day--after all, LSU did take the grand prize, perhaps because their grads know what the two most important items to have in any kitchen are: beer and Tonys Chachere's. Well, now summer is here again, and that means college football season isright around the corner. Football meanstailgating and Tony Chacheres Tailgating Cook-off is back for its 2ndyear! I will once again representsome amazing home chefs and tailgaters as I prepare twelve fabulous recipes that you vote on over the course of twelve weeks ina kind of American Idol like recipecontest. So.grab your apron, spatula, some pork butt and a shaker ofTony Chacheres Creole Seasoning--and lets get to tailgating!Please submit your favorite SEC inspired recipe featuringTony Chacheres by June 15th for a chance to win some amazing prizes, includingan American Express Gift Card, A Big Green Egg, A Private Cooking Trailer Eventfor 25, Tonys products, bragging rights that your SEC team is champion of theTailgate and tons more! All recipes need two things: Tony Chacheres in the ingredients (how easy it that) and an SEC team to represent.
So, think 'Rebel Pineapple and Red Pepper Shrimp Kabobs' witha kick after a sprinkle of Tonys. Or 'Sic em Stacked Flank Steak Salad': Flank steak marinated with Tonys Injectable CreoleStyle Butter Marinade, grilled and sliced then stacked with tomatoes, buffalomozzarella, basil and a sweet and spicy balsamic glaze with sugar and TonyChacheres Original Creole Seasoning.
Hungry? Inspired? Keep reading!I will cook each of the 12 final recipes, one fromeach SEC team, to air during SportsNite on CSS, August toNovember 2011. Fans will votefor their favorite recipe or team to crown a winner of the Tony ChacheresTailgating Cook-off. Think you have the winning recipe? Click the link, learn more& submit today!

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