Playoff approved: Let's divide the revenue this way

Playoff approved: Let's divide the revenue this way
June 27, 2012, 1:17 am
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The playoff has been approved so now is the time for great change in college football. The commissioners have a lot to weed through over the next few weeks, but let me help with the revenue distribution and a couple of ideas that would help our great game be" pro active".Butbefore we do that let me make it clear that you have to address everything now.Don't rest on your laurels and wait for someone to complain to congress. Thegame has changed; the athletes have so let's work with the NCAA to update therules governing college athletics.
1.Have the 4 team playoff rotating the four major BCS Bowl. I do think a fifthbowl makes sense to allow more teams to qualify. I also think three teams froma conference should be allowed in the BCS. There are very few small conferencechallengers in the future with the big one like Utah and TCU moving into majorconferences. I also think if we have a committee for the top four then theyalso must set the match ups not the bowls for the other BCS games. This alsoallows for growth to and 8 team playoff someday. Don't be narrow-minded andthink that there won't be pressure for it and just like this major move thatone will happen.Semifinal 1 USC vs. 4 Alabama- Rose Bowl Semifinal 2 LSU vs. 3 Oklahoma-Champions BowlFiesta Bowl BCS- Michigan Notre Dame Oregon Orange Bowl BCS-FSULouisville Notre Dame Boise StateSugar Bowl- All of the above plus Georgia,West Virginia, Virginia Tech.2.Take 52.7 million dollars a year and allocate it to a scholarship playersfund. Any unused money will roll into programs designed to help those in needon a case by case basis. This amount ensures that all 124 FBS programs may give5000 per year or 500 per month to each of its 85 scholarship players. Each semesterthe University must submit the names and if they do not have 85 the money goesinto the emergency players fund. The NCAA need to have a staff to overseefootball on its own. This staff can also work on compliance with theclearinghouse.3.Begin the regular season in late August and allow for two bye weeks andflexible scheduling. With conference expansion the scheduling for the futurehas been like solving a Rubiks cube. By giving schools the two byes weeks itnot only helps with scheduling but gives the players a much needed break.
Forexample- Camp Starts August 1st Pads Start August 6th Camp Ends August 18th:24 practices with noconsecutive 2 a days Game Week of August 25"Pot of "Gold" breakdown Ackerman StyleTheamount of revenue that the new playoff will generate can determine the amountgiven to players. The distribution has to be fair or the FBS will have toseparate itself once again from those inside the 124 that they don feel belong.I have an issue with that considering they allowed them to move division one inthe first place. Unofficially by my counts we have added 17 FBS teams since1992. Also now that there is a Playoff can we go back to D1? I also think weshould freeze growth in the FBS until the next wave of conference expansionoccurs.Myrevenue breakdown-Let's assume it's worth at least 400 million62 of money would go to the top five conferences. For example they would divide up250 million based on share percentage.12.5of money would go to remaining conferences to divide up. Roughly 8 million andchange per conference.1-independents with Notre Dame gets 2.5 flat rate unless it makes the BCS13Players Fund-52.7 towards 5000 per year athlete fund.7.5for Bonus Pool for Playoff Teams (30 million total)-3 Participants- 6 millioneach semifinalist and championship game loser.Champion-12 million in addition to bowl payout.4-Can go back to conferences evenly or toward a safety related players fund.Could also be awarded for academic achievement by schools and conferences.-16millionEachBowl must generate revenue for team expenses etc. with that money going back tothe conferences.Theseare rough numbers but they increase payouts twofold based on the old model ofrevenue distribution. This can be tweaked her and there but the model is solid.It covers every school, every conference and every student-athlete. I like thebuilt in players money, the added bonus to those schools that make theplayoff, the academic reward money and the extra money to the school that winsthe BCS. These numbers can help schools offset the costs of bonuses to coachesand staffs that have these perks written in their contracts. The academic moneycan be put directly into learning facilities or programs at the schools.
Thisis called being pro- active" by addressing concerns before they arise andhaving a solid foundation to grow in the future.-Playoff.Check-Revenue.Check-Players.Check-Academics.CheckIlove college football and it has consumed my entire professional life. We havea chance to get this right and move forward with a game that will still honor itscherished traditions. The regular season rivalries will be maintained, the bowlgame experience will still be a reward while game like the Rose Bowl can stilldeliver tremendous memories. We get a chance to recognize academics and athletesafety while generating revenues for schools to help support there otherathletic programs. Come on everyone let'sget this right so we can enjoy the future and not lament the issues that couldarise.

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