Sleepers in BCS Leagues

Sleepers in BCS Leagues
June 17, 2012, 1:39 pm
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June 18, 2012
Everyyear there is a team in each of the big six conferences that surprises and evenmakes a run at a conference title. These are teams that fly under the radarcoming in and are able to find magic in a bottle and have a special season. Forexample Michigan was a big surprise last season in the big ten under first yearcoach Brady Hoke. Vanderbilt caught everyone off guard with their performancein the SEC. How about Cincinnati in the Big East? They controlled their owndestiny for most of the season. Nobody saw a major bowl coming for Kansa Stateout of the Big 12 last year. These types of seasons start now as the pokes andmagazines begin to cone out. Teams take on the us vs. the world"mentality and it can serve them well for one season.Teamsthat could surprise in 2012Sec-AuburnAcc-NorthCarolinaBigTen-Ohio St.Big12-WVUPAC12-ArizonaBigEast-PittsburghAuburn Tigers:Recordin 2011 (8-5) Auburn was young in 2011 and still had a respectable seasonfollowing at National Championship season. They had a nice road win at SouthCarolina and looked good I their bowl game. Gene Chizik has changed thephilosophy of his program to fit his personality. The hire of Brian Van Gorderat defensive coordinator was a good one. KeyPlayer- Kiehl Frazier, QuarterbackBestCase Scenario- 9-3. Key "swing games". Clemson, LSU, Georgia,Alabama.North Carolina Tar Heels: Recordin 2011 (7-6) North Carolina will have a few motivational things working forthem in 2012. The first is new head coach Larry Fedora whose wide open offenseshould inject some excitement into the Tar Heel program. The second is the factthat they cannot go to a bowl game which means every game could take on moremeaning as the season unfolds.Keyplayer- Bryn Renner, Quarterback.BestCase Scenario-10-2.Key "swing games" Louisville, Miami, VirginiaTech, Georgia Tech.Ohio St. Buckeyes: Recordin 2011 (6-7) Ohio St. has 10-2 talent and a new coach in Urban Meyer. TheBuckeyes have the same motivation going for them as North Carolina. They notonly will be much better in 2012, they will throw a monkey wrench into the Big10 race. The offense will be up tempo and the defense will focus on gettingmore turnovers. Urban Meyer will also improve the Buckeye special teams whichis his real focus as a head coach.KeyPlayer- Braxton Miller, Quarterback.BestCase Scenario-10-2. Key "swing games" Michigan State, Wisconsin,Michigan State.West Virginia Mountaineers: Recordin 2011 (10-3 in Big East) West Virginia has stepped out of the AAA level andinto the dance this year with their acceptance to the Big 12. The Mountaineers were the standard in the BigEast but they have the right head coach to lead them into the Big 12. DanaHolgorsen was reared in the conference and knows what to expect. Credit himfor the hire of Oklahoma State assistant Joe Deforest. Many expect them to geta reality check in The Big 12 but I see them making some real noise in 2012.KeyPlayer- Tavon Austin, Slot Receiver.BestCase Scenario Key swing games Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma.Arizona Wildcats: Recordin 2011 (4-8) Rich Rodriguez takes over a program that's expectations havenever met there results. His up tempo style is exactly what the Wildcats needto compete right away in the PAC 12. Mike Stoops recruited decently and I thinkthis hire is worth two wins. He was able to lure Jeff Casteel (West Virginia)to Tucson to run his defense. This is huge considering he couldn't get him toMichigan and it was obvious that he missed him.KeyPlayer-Matt Scott, Quarterback.BestCase Scenario-7-5 Key "swing games" Washington, Utah, UCLA, ArizonaState.Pittsburgh Panthers: Recordin 2011 (6-7) Paul Chryst actually walks into a good situation. The Pantherslost quite a few close games last year with the one and done Coach Todd Graham. Fans areangry, players are angry and the Big East is wide open. Chryst implored aphysical balanced offense at Wisconsin and his style fits well with the SteelCity. KeyPlayer- Isaac Bennett, Running Back.BestCase Scenario (9-3) Key "swing games" Cincinnati, Louisville, andSouth Florida.

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