The Spice of life

The Spice of life
June 19, 2012, 1:37 pm
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By Celeste PodojilHost of Tony Chachere's Tailgate Cook-off
June 19, 2012
Sometimestaking a chance and having no regrets is the spice to life. As a 29 year old mother of a 1 year old Idecided to tryout to be a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. I had cheered for one year prior and left theteam after a season to start a new career (another chance I took that taught meso much about myselfmaybe the next blog?)In 2005 I became the oldest cheerleader on the Falcons squad and theonly one with a toddler at home. But.Iwas a stay at home mom with a lot oftime on my hands and with those first few months of late night tivod episodesof Rachel Ray on my mind I landed a cooking show. YESit was almost that simple.GridironGourmet was born when I asked to host a cooking show and the Falcons needed a30 minute program centered around football.A few years later I have two girls, Im in my 30s (not saying early orlate) and Im writing this blog so you will be inspired to submit a recipe tothe Tony Chacheres Tailgate Cookoff (Details below).and you only have 3 daysleft (I work better under deadlines, hopefully you do too). In fact, you are most likely reading this bcyou are procrastinating and facebook is really boring today.
However,rather than give you some inspiration in the form of a new recipe I am going toshow you some awesome pictures someone did for the contest, and they havenothing to do with food. Meet anotherstay at home mom with some time on her hands (she recently rolled off a twoyear commitment as PTA presidentyeah, she is a tad crazy) with an idea thatcame to her one day. Angie Browning isthe creator of Chalk Tales, the coolest thing I have ever seen and been a partof.literally, I was lying on her driveway for 30 minutes while she told me Ididnt really look like I was passing a football in the hands were toostiff.
Angiewas messing around one day with her daughter and son in the front driveway anddrew a picture with her little girls chalk.She grabbed her camera and a ladder and took a picture.a few hundredfacebook thumbs up later she realized she had better get a logo and trademarkbc she was in business.Sureitis never that simple.the chalk drawings take hours; and this Tony Chacherestailgating party is no exceptionit started at 11am and the final picture wasshot at 8pm. Angie draws, shades,climbs on her way too tall ladder and then re-adjusts.with a bucket of wateror spray bottle she washes away anything out of proportion or literallybleaches the entire driveway out and starts over. Once the drawing is complete the models (mein this case) come in and take a spot on the driveway to lie back. The ground is hard and you come up covered inchalk but who cares, the concept is so cool.Smiling up at Angie while I pretend to throw a football to Tony, hold areal spatula just right, and try to remember to suck it in and not squintto show my crows feet was worth every minute.These pictures are unique, fun, original and just make me happy! Chalk tales spiced things up with the contestand hopefully will inspire you to try something new too! (Hopefully it is a recipe with a Tonysproduct!)
Checkout Angies work while you think about the dish you are going to create andenter. (Shes also on Facebook, give hera like)
Youhave until June 22nd to submit, pick a southeast football team, shakeup a favorite recipe and good luck

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