Talkin' Football brings you what you want!

Talkin' Football brings you what you want!
October 4, 2010, 6:30 pm
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Where else but Talkin Football can you hear the definitive explanation of the LSUTennessee game ending crash, the Gator's point of view on Alabama, find out how to eat "fried beer" at the Texas State fair and request an autographed football?

Those are just some of the elements of Sunday night's "show of record" for college football on CSS. Mark Schlabach returned from Dallas from covering the Red River Rivalry game with Texas and Oklahoma and told us Oklahoma is better than earlier thought (which means Florida State isn't as bad as some believed from the early season loss in Norman), going through the Texas State fair to get into the Cotton Bowl took nearly four hours, fried beer is the snack of choice for many fans (beer poured into flour poured into hot oil...yuk) and on the way to Talkin Football from Texas, decided that Mark Richt IS in trouble at Georgia.

Tony Barnhart spent Saturday with his CBS buddies in New York analyzing games and said the network producer was amazed he had SEC Supervisor of Officials Rogers Redding on his speed dial when the LSUTennessee mess came up. I guess they're learning what we already knew. There's a reason Tony is called "Mr. College Football". Tony also told our viewers that Looney Les Miles might have been "outta there" if Tennessee didn't save him with their own boneheaded decisions; he believes Florida will win out the rest of the way and face 'Bama in Atlanta once again for the SEC title. Can't argue with that. Who's going to beat them in the East, South Carolina?

Brady Ackerman, the former Florida running back, college coach, sports radio station owner and Gator's broadcast sideline reporter, said on TF that Alabama looks even BETTER when viewed field level, Brady was very impressed with the reaction time and closing speed of the Tide defense and said you could almost feel the poise shown from quarterback Greg McElroy. As for the Gators, he thinks suspended Chris Rainey could return at running back for the Gators this week.

As quarterback for the show, it falls on me to handle viewer email requests like the one from Vicky in Arab, Alabama for a football autographed by the Talkin Football Four. Glad to "git 'er done", Vicky. Schlabach says, "that'll be 29.95". He's so used to selling his Bobby Bowden book, he knows not the word "gift". It's on it's way to Arab, Vicky. Free. By the way, I smell an upset in Columbia, South Carolina this weekend and, of course, a Michigan win in Ann Arbor over the MSU "aggies". Just sayin'.......

Remember, the TFF (Talkin Football Four) will pick SEC games on the Thursday show at 7 ET on CSS. Mark and Brady are leading the national picks on Sundays (8ET, CSS) but Barnhart and Neal are lookin' good on the SEC predictions.

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