Who's going to the SEC Tournament?

Who's going to the SEC Tournament?
May 20, 2011, 4:40 pm
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by Knox Bardeenknox.bardeen@csssports.com
There hasnt been a logjam at the top of the SoutheasternConference standings this thick in a very long time. Before play began onThursday, seven teams were tied for their respective division leads. After Thursdays games, Florida and Alabama sit on top oftheir divisions, but there are still two conference games left for all 12teams, and only eight teams qualify for the SEC Baseball Tournament next weekin Hoover, Ala.First, lets talk about how those eight teams aredetermined:The two teams that win their division automatically becomethe No. 1 and No. 2 seeds. The team with the best winning percentage will bethe top seed. So, as it stands right now, here are the two top seeds, ifthe season ended right now. 1. Florida (21-7 .750)
2. Alabama (14-14, .500)The rest of the six seeds are determined by winningpercentage. Normally, things are a bit clearer at this point, but since fourteams in the SEC Western Division are tied, and LSU is just one game behind,only three more teams have guaranteed spots in the tournament; South Carolina,Vanderbilt and Georgia. If the season was over now, heres how they would beseeded: 3. South Carolina (20-8, .714)
4.Vanderbilt (20-8, .714)
5.Georgia (16-12, .571)There are now five other teams Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss,Mississippi State and Louisiana State -- that are still alive in the hunt forthose three final spots. Heres how they would be seeded if the season wereover, three would make the tournament, and two would not: 6. Arkansas (13-15, .464)
7. Auburn (13-15, .464)
8. Ole Miss (13-15, .464)And the two that would not make the SEC Tournament field: 9. Mississippi State (13-15, .464)
10. LSU(12-16, .429)Kentucky and Tennessee have already been mathematicallyeliminated.Before you go booking rooms at Hoover, or your nearest golfcourse because you think your team is out of the tournament, remember thatthere are two more games. A lot can happen, like: Mississippi State can lock up a spot in the SECBaseball Tournament if it beats LSU on Friday and Arkansas, Florida, Georgiaand Alabama also win on Friday. Alabama isnt guaranteed the No. 2 seed (theyare, however, guaranteed a spot in the tournament). The Crimson Tide could losetheir remaining two games to South Carolina, and either Arkansas, Auburn, OleMiss or Mississippi State could sweep their opponents to rise above Alabama.Since Arkansas and Ole Miss are playing each other, only three of these teamscould make that jump. Georgia is safely in the tournament and can moveno higher or no lower than its No. 5 seed. LSU, even in last place in the SECs WesternDivision, could easily make the SEC Baseball Tournament. If they sweepMississippi State, and Auburn was swept by Tennessee, Arkansas swept Ole Miss,and Alabama dropped its last two games to South Carolina, LSU would make it inas the No. 7 seed. Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, and MississippiState are the teams that control their own destiny. If Auburn, Arkansas or OleMiss wins out, they are in the tournament. Remember, only Arkansas or Ole Misscan win out, not both, since they are playing each other. That means ifMississippi State wins out they are in.Yes, I realize that these scenarios are very confusing. Butits also one of the most exciting times of the SEC Baseball season. So enjoythese last two games. I did not go over how ties are broken in regard to SECBaseball Tournament seeding because the league has a great tutorial which you can find by clicking HERE.

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