What can QBs work on in the summer off-season?

What can QBs work on in the summer off-season?
May 8, 2013, 1:30 pm
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This spring was very beneficial for a 2013 Dawg football team with a lot of expectations.  This should be a team with great leadership and underclassman who are hungry to prove themselves!  With so many key players returning on offense this year my concern is, will they fold under the pressure of having to carry the team?  Or are they going to rise to the occasion and be better than the great offense from last year?  Defensively, will the guys who were 2nd stringers last year prove the doubters wrong and perform up to expectations early in the season?  

Now on to our “Dear DJ” question.  This one comes from Crawford in Suwanne, GA

Dear DJ- huge fan, my man!  So awesome to get to talk to the Big Dawg #3 on the Dawg Report.  My question is a 2-parter…. What can QB’s work on in the summer offseason?  And how does chemistry develop with certain receivers and not others?  Thanks!  Hope to see my question on air! 

The NCAA is stickler for how much "on-field" work can be done between coaches and players.  There is a set limit of time for on field work with your position coach.  However, as a player, you can do as much as you want with whomever you want (i.e. other players)!  That's why it's so important you have leaders, such as the QB of a team, to organize off season work on and off the field.  When I played, I organized our throwing sessions and film sessions when we could not be with our coach.  With the right leadership you can accomplish a lot. 

When I was at UGA, my roommate was Fred Gibson so we went out and threw on the field all the time! We usually had every position out there competing like regular practice.  In turn we all had great chemistry when game time came around.  I sure hope Aaron Murray and the boys are doing the same. 

Thanks Crawford….hope you caught the recent Dawg Report episode where we answered your question on air.

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