The Big 12 and SEC Partner For Future

The Big 12 and SEC Partner For Future
May 21, 2012, 12:30 am
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The Big 12 and SEC have agreed to play each other in a yearly bowl game.

(Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports)

Have a comment on Brady's article? Use the Comments section below.This past weeks formation of the Big 12SEC Bowl alliance convinces me that we are headed to the four league 16 team scenario many predicted ten years ago. The number one reason-television revenue. College Football finally figured out why the SEC teams were so profitable for so many years and now after adding championship games, they decided to expand and fall in line with what runs college football-television. We certainly don't run it at CSS, but we are one of the ESPN arms for the SEC package. Our willingness to jump on board with their distribution is why the SEC on ESPN is so lucrative.It also means that ESPN will have to pony up more money in the future because of SEC expansion and territory.Its no secret that football in the SEC has been supporting a lot of athletic programs for many years. Vanderbilt which was down for so long still got a fair share of the revenue come the spring meetings in Destin. This would go a long way in helping fund the rest of their successful programs. -The2011 numbers were in excess of 220 million dollars. That is 18 million plus per school with Alabama essentially getting the same as Ole Miss. That smart business plan is why the SEC is the bell cow in college athletics. -In 2010-2011 only one program in the SEC did not turn a profit (Ole Miss). In that same calendar year two Big 12 members and current SEC members (Missouri and Texas A&M) also turned a profit. -The Rose Bowl has often been thought of as the monkey wrench in the playoff formula. With the new Big 12-SECBowl Game it not only draws itself equal in value and prestige, but also insignificance.. The only thing the Rose Bowl has is tradition and a pretty cool parade. -Only once in the BCS Era (2001Sugar Bowl FSU vs. Virginia Tech) did the Big 12, SEC, Pac 12 or Big Ten not factor into the National Championship Race. The ACC and Big East are in serious danger of becoming non-existent in football very quickly.Final Thoughts Everyone has already pointed out the irony of the Big 12 swallowing its pride to join the SEC in the future landscape of college football. If you put expansion aside, these two conferences have had some of the most powerful college football teams of all time in the BCS Era. Nebraska, Texas, Florida, Alabama,Auburn, and of course Oklahoma were great football teams. Just recently in 2008Florida, Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma could have been the final four of college football with 11-1 Texas Tech standing at the doorstep. I think the Big 12 took a hit with A&M leaving but the addition of West Virginia sure helps the loss of Missouri. Today's college football is more about strength of conference than whether you go undefeated. Those days are gone in which teams had two maybe three tough games a year and coasted to a National Title Game appearance.Going undefeated in any league on any level is tough to do and I applaud that accomplishment. It does not translate to a National Championship.What about the ACC?I really like John Swofford and the folks with the ACC, but I fear for them. I have covered the ACC Media days for over a decade and it is an absolute treat and must do every year. They deserve a better fate than what seems to lie ahead. The ACC could truly be going back to being a basketball league much like the 80s once again.

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