Malzahn speaks out

Malzahn speaks out
February 21, 2014, 9:15 am
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Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun, who serves as the chairman on the rules committee, has come out and said there is not any empirical data that shows fast play equals more injuries. Gus Malzahn has been very vocal the past week, and seems to be the voice of reason among the coaches.

While many have taken to social media to attack this new proposal, Malzhan offered the idea of tabling the proposal and furthering the discussion. Calhoun and his group have had to backpedal a bit since the release of the 10-second rule a week ago. The committee was only allowed to push a game changing new rule in effect this year if he dealt with player safety.

When the oversight committee meets on March 6 it’s unlikely this rule will pass with no factual data to back that up. But it could re-surface next year. This would allow both sides of the argument to make a case for and against the rule.

There have been several compromises thrown out to the rule that will likely be discussed at the next AFCA Coaches conventions. First adding a timeout per half and giving teams four is something I would be in favor of in lieu of the rule. Giving the defense 10 seconds to substitute after each first down is not a change that I would support, but has been mentioned. There will be more ideas like this coming out in the future as more coaches speak out.

This and that

  • Alabama’s depth chart should look like this at running back: T.J. Yeldon, Derrick Henry and Kenyon Drake. I think Henry’s performance in the Sugar Bowl pushes him past Drake, and with the way he blocked in that game he could push Yeldon for the starting job. Yeldon has been very productive, but key fumbles in his career have left a slight mark on his resume. Henry reminds me a lot of Eddie Lacy, only bigger. The Crimson Tide could go back to the 1-2 punch on the ground they featured two and three years ago.
  • Georgia dismissed the talented Josh Harvey-Clemons, which is disappointing considering new coordinator Jeremy Pruitt works with defensive backs. The Bulldogs, and Mark Richt, have a strict three strikes and you’re out policy. Pruitt told me this week that everyone will have a clean slate for the spring and the goal is to find the best players whether that was 11 or 25 that can help the Bulldogs win.

Here is the SEC Spring Game List

  • Texas A&M – NO Game Field Renovation
  • LSU - April 5th
  • Ole Miss - April 5
  • Vanderbilt - April 12                                                       
  • Mississippi State - April 12
  • Georgia - April 12                                                            
  • Florida - April 12               
  • Tennessee - April 12
  • South Carolina - April 12               
  • Missouri - April 19                                                           
  • Auburn - April 19                             
  • Alabama - April 19                                                                                                                           
  • Kentucky - April 26                                                         
  • Arkansas - April 26

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