Memorial Day Means Summer is Here!

Memorial Day Means Summer is Here!
May 25, 2012, 6:45 pm
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Derek Dooley must turn his team around if he wants to be on Rocky Top next Memorial Day.

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Memorial Day weekend symbolizes the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The countdown to two a days officially begins June 1 with fall camp being only eight weeks away. The summer brings us preview magazines and conference media days. I always look forward the SEC and ACC Media days and still enjoy a good Athlons preview. The next nine weeks will be critical for teams to get ready for the upcoming season. There are more team building exercises in the summer because of the schedule load being lighter. There will also be an infusion of freshman and juco players who must accustomed to the inner workings of the team. Here is a list of key ingredients to a successful summer program. 1.Position specific training- Outside the power lifts and conditioning the team will break into exercises and drills specifically designed for their position. 2.QB-Receiver Timing- Throwing in the summer goes on everywhere, but the teams that have the most success have a good plan. QB's must run the drill and receivers must work at 100. 3.Team Building-Teams have more downtime in the summer with a lesser class load. Coaches and players use this to have exercises, events and competitions to build team chemistry. 4.Conditioning adjustment-This is when you get your body used to the heat and situations that you will encounter during a tough August camp. 5.Stay out of trouble- Lighter class load means more social time and that can sometime be a negative for a team. Stay out of the news and your team will have one less distraction for the upcoming season.Quick Hits- The SEC is rumored to be looking at launching its own network in 2014 and this is a great idea. The league probably has more watchable non big 3 sports than any league in the country. Gymnastics,Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, and Lacrosse are just a few that would draw much interest from those in the southeastern states. The SEC has sat back and let the Big Ten network work through the bugs while launching its own network. It also has let the landscape of television take its course and with expansion and a four team playoff coming there should be no surprises. One thing else to remember, the SEC avoided launching a network during the worst economic era of our life time. That may have been the best decision of all. I liked the Plus One model for a national champion five years ago, but not now. We are too far down the path of excitement with a four team playoff. I mean Tony Barnhardt spent hours looking at the four team scenarios over the BCS Era. You don't waste Mr. College Footballs time! This plus one idea will be more of the same and play right into the hands of the Rose Bowl. They want their two champions every year and if the winner gets to play for the National Title great. But grabbing the top four seeds and playing a three team tournament is what college football fans want and need. So I am begging for you to please put the Plus One model back to bed and let sleeping dogs sleep.

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