Mike Slive speaks at SEC Tournament

Mike Slive speaks at SEC Tournament
May 23, 2013, 7:00 pm
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It has been a enlightening and fun experience at the SEC Tourney here in Hoover, Alabama. I strongly recommend it for any fan and especially one that has young kids that play baseball. The environment is friendly and the teams and coaches engage those who come out to watch the games. It really is what sports should be about. Good competition, good food and a great environment.

The Tournament

The games themselves are like a box of chocolates as Forest Gump once said, you never know what your going to get. The loss by Vanderbilt was shocking but to scratch out three hits after leading the SEC in hitting was a big surprise. Teams like Florida and Kentucky had everything to play for and looked like they basically had run out of gas. On the flip side LSU was as advertised and jumped out early on Alabama to get their victory. One thing that wasn’t like a box of chocolates was the Hoover Met's unwillingness to give up the long ball. When I was told it was a pitcher's park that was no lie. It is 340 down the line and the two home runs hit by Texas A&M were both with the wind behind their back and in that direction.

Great Weather

We did avoid rain the first two days but the sky's looked ominous at times. Our first flirtation came mid day prior to LSU and Bama in which the PA announcer even gave out the stadium and game protocol should their be a rain delay. The second scare came right before Vanderbilt and Texas A&M when the black clouds moved just south of the right field wall. The weather overall was great and very pleasant at night and in the morning.

The Commisioner Speaks

Mike Slive presented the Vanderbilt Commodores with the regular season SEC Trophy prior to their game with Texas A&M. I had a chance to speak with him following the presentation one on one. We will air that interview on SEC Tonight Thursday at 7pm. Mike Slive has taken the league to a whole new level under his leadership. A couple of highlights from our conversation.

  • SEC Basketball needs to push to be more accepted nationally
  • The nine game schedule talk is on top of the agenda next week in Destin
  • He advocates giving kids the full cost of tuition and it should be allowed if the league can afford to do it.
  • He also will address to talk of the top five conferences branching off into their own division.

Bucket List

So far this spring/summer I have gone ziplining at 5,000 feet and attended a SEC baseball tournament. Up next playing golf with Bob Fiscella! I will scratch that off my list on Saturday at Stone Mountain,Georgia.

Special thanks to all the baseball coaches and SID's for their help and hospitality.