2014 National Signing Day: Georgia Tech lands Myles Autry | #CSSNSD

2014 National Signing Day: Georgia Tech lands Myles Autry | #CSSNSD
February 5, 2014, 7:15 pm
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By 3 p.m. ET Georgia Tech had a fair recruiting class. It wasn’t awful, but it was nothing spectacular. The Yellow Jackets sat 60th overall and 13th in the ACC as far as recruiting points were concerned. To make matters worse, Georgia Tech’s rival just landed its prized commodity on National Signing Day, Lorenzo Carter. Next up was Myles Autry, who was Tech’s prized catch, and they got him.

Autry was a hot commodity nationwide as a junior, but he injured his right knee and the rehab process didn’t go particularly well for him. His senior season started roughly, which resulted in many teams backing off their pursuit of him. The Yellow Jackets were not one of those teams, and now Autry is back at 100 percent health.

Georgia Tech is close to home and is the same school that his brother, Anthony, signed with just last year. Autry said he chose Georgia Tech because he felt that he, his brother, and other good athletes could get Tech back to being a program that just four years ago played in the Orange Bowl.

He said that head coach Paul Johnson said that he wanted Autry to come into his system as an A-Back. Autry was also quick to point out that he had an interest in returning kicks and punts also.

Autry is a gifted athlete that is widely credited for his intangibles. He is versatile, can change directions, and has a good amount of speed. He can navigate through traffic and has great explosiveness.

A healthy comparison for Autry would be B.J. Bostic’s skill set with Robert Godhigh’s playmaking ability. He is also undersized like Godhigh, which is what caused teams to not pursue him. Godhigh did just fine with his size in the ACC, and Autry has a better skill set.

Autry could end up being one of the most underrated signings in this class. It was still a big signing for the Yellow Jackets, but it could pay even bigger dividends as he grows in the game.

Georgia Tech needed a name and they got one in Myles Autry.

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