April Showers, May Flowers?

April Showers, May Flowers?
April 1, 2013, 11:45 am
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What a crazy year.  March didn't seem like it came in like a lion, and certainly didn't go out like a lamb!  Haven't heard much yet, but its likely Turkey Season here in Georgia is probably a little slow.  While we have had enough rain and warm weather to cause a big breakout in blossoms and blooms, we haven't had a real chance for a true warm up.  I have heard some red birds sing, but unfortunately have not been able to get to the woods to see if gobbling is also going on.  I’ll have to rely on others to provide me some good feedback on how the spring hunt is going. 

Likewise I have not yet had a chance to check out the rivers and lakes.  I know we've had a good bit of rain in Georgia and that has been good news as far as making up most of the deficit we experienced on our larger lakes this past year.  I normally hunt in South Georgia and they were really hurting with a lack of rain.  It appears they are now catching up which should bode well for new plant growth, agriculture and the condition of the deer herd. 

So, what does April hold for us?  I am hopeful a chance to get to the woods and see if I can bag a long beard or two.  Would love to take my Grandson with me, but don't know if I can make it work this spring.  I will not give up, however, without a good old fashioned try.  I would also like to get out to my favorite trout stream, get a little camping in and some hiking in our national forests.  April may be perfect for this endeavor and, again, I would try to ensure my Grandson was able to join me. 

I had a quick visit with a cousin who lives many states away; he was meeting his family to travel to Florida for a little spring break.  You may remember I wrote about his adventures with me camping and trout fishing last year.  Well, the possible good news is he may be returning to East Tennessee once again to work.  If he does we have already talked about renewing our mutual interest in camping and trout fishing. 

Okay, my blood is pumping, I'm breaking out in goose bumps, and will be shortly breaking out the hunting, fishing, and camping gear, just in case.  Never know when one needs to be ready for a last minute trip. 

So, come on April showers.  I am not going to let you dampen my excitement with the possibility of getting myself back out to my favorite places; all of which can be found in the outdoors.  Bugs aside, I can't wait and plan to be prepared when the time comes.  Hopefully with my grandson in town so we can really begin to develop that passion in him that has consumed me over my life.  If everything goes well we'll get a great dose of the outdoors and will then spend some time picking the flowers in May.

Have a great and warm April and may you enjoy success in the outdoors.

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