"Around the next corner"

"Around the next corner"
July 26, 2012, 3:15 pm
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 Well, here we are again.  Mid-summer and we all know what's right around the corner: fall, cooler times, and hunting seasons. Seems everything really starts to "gear up" for the upcoming seasons--our outdoor magazines begin to focus on fall activities, our sporting goods stores begin to promote fall activities and seasons, "fall hunting" shows pop up on our screen, and our bodies begin to tell us it's time to get ready. We've put up with the doldrums and heat of summer and are looking forward to a "break". It might be that first hunting adventure of the fall, or those trail hikes and camping to enjoy the cooler weather and the changing leaves or those fall fishing adventures when it seems we have the lakes and streams to ourselves.

It's always a pleasure to look forward to the change that will be taking place.  It's always best to prepare in advance for these exciting changes that we will enjoy in the upcoming months. I addressed some planning that you should consider when taking advantage of rainy days in my blog earlier this month. Other considerations must include those necessities that may be required when the cooler weather arrives: adequate clothing, in multiple layers, to ensure you are comfortable for both the warmest and coldest temperature swings you may experience. Drag out that "thermos" bottle so you can be ready for that hot beverage you may need to offset the early morning chill.

Don't forget that fishing patterns change significantly when the water temperature cools in your favorite fishing sites. Campgrounds become less crowded so it's much easier to plan those weekends away to enjoy the chill of early morning hikes and the views provided by the changing leaves in your mountains. You may need to consider adding that propane heater to your camping gear to make sure you are warm in your camper or tent, and don't forget to pack those heavier weight hiking boots and leave the sneakers at home help keep your toes toasty warm.  Gloves and a warm hat may also be a good addition to your wardrobe when you pack for your hiking or camping adventure.

Knowing that fall is just around the corner may be the motivation we need to get out of our air conditioned abodes and begin to get ourselves in shape for those fall outdoor adventures.  We likely can all stand to work on our bodies somewhat; strengthening them, getting our legs and lungs in shape and building up to a physical condition that will ensure we can continue to enjoy our outdoor activities throughout the changing season. Taking long, leisurely strolls in the cooler evening hours will begin to develop those muscles that may have been on vacation through the summer. If you have trips planned that will put you at higher elevations than you are used to add a day pack with a few"pounds" of items to challenge your efforts. It's also a good idea to find hiking trails in your area that offer a higher level of elevation to begin to help acclimate your lungs to what will certainly be a physical challenge when you make the trip. Wear the boots shoes you'll be wearing in the fall to ensure they are properly broken in and to adjust to the difference in weight with those sandals sneakers you've been wearing all summer.

Wow, I'm already feeling a chill!! Not a cold chill, but rather the chill associated with the excitement that the changing seasons bring. We've all said we can't wait for the cool weather when the heat of summer has become unbearable (seems we also complain that we can't wait for warm weather when it seems winter will never end). I know what's around the next corner, am looking forward to it, and hope to be fully prepared when the time comes. Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and get ready for fall.

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