Back to School

Back to School
August 11, 2011, 8:30 pm
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Can you believe it? Summer is almost over and the kids will be returning to school. Here's a short list to prepare them for the fall term:

1. Make sure they have photos and stories to share with their teachers and classmates about the great times they had during their summer break: hiking, fishing, camping and just general outdoor activities. It makes for great sharing and who knows? Maybe it turns on more kids to the great outdoors.

2. Check the calendar and become familiar with their school holidays, teacher work days, etc., so you can plan on fall activities to include your childrengrandchildren in. Don't forget to cross reference those dates with the opening of small and big game hunting seasons. Don't want them to miss opening day for their favorite game season.

3. Get them in the mood for this falls studies. Ask them to prepare, in advance of school, a written essay about their favorite summer time activity or activities out of doors. It's give them a head start on the typical "first essay" of the school year: 'write a 200 word essay about what you did during the summer.'

4. Shop. You know the typical school needs: pencils, paper, folders, binders, etc. But forget the bookbagbackpack. Let your kidsgrandkids use theirs or your hunting backpack to carry their books in. Again, lots of conversation will go on and it will be a constant reminder of what the out of doors means to them. (Oh, and if it's a outdoor loving daughtergranddaughter getting ready for fall, consider buying them one of those "pink" camo backpacks. It's okay and they can use it during hunting season)

5. Shop. Again. Now is a great time to suggest what your hunting 'partner' might need or want when they present you with the highest grades they've ever achieved in school this fall! Nothing wrong with incenting your kids or grandkids with what they can expect if they meet your expectations on their grades.

6. When school starts, surprise them! It's so neat to sneak a coveted outdoor photo into their lunch bagbox periodically. Even a note about how many days until the opening of XXXXXXX season is bound to bring a smile to their face when they open their lunch for the day. A note of appreciation when they begin to show those great grades will also remind them of what they can look forward to when the term is over and they've made the grade.

Kidsgrandkids are always missed when school gets back into session. Not having the time to spend with them in the outdoors will have to take a back seat to their studies. But, that does not mean we should forget to remind them constantly of the joy and pleasure the out of doors provided you and them in the summer, and those same joys and pleasures that will follow the end of the school term.
Take the remainder of the summer and spend quality time with the kids.

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