The Everyday Outdoorsman | Plans for the remainder of the year

The Everyday Outdoorsman | Plans for the remainder of the year
December 16, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Two weeks to go, and then; "pop goes the champagne", "Happy New Year".  Basically, as a top 10 song goes "another one bites the dust".  I cannot believe how much faster time goes by as I grow gracefully older and older.  What seemed to take a year, many years ago, now only seems to take a lot less than a year.  Is it me or are there less than 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 52 weeks in a year? 

Ok, so what are you planning on doing with the remaining two weeks in 2013?  We know we have to make time for Christmas and New Year's, but there are several days, in-between, which we can and should use to our advantage.  Why not end the year with a "bang"?

Many folks take extra time off during the last two weeks of the year, sometimes because they have to "use it or lose it" with vacation that has gone unused.  Other times businesses just close down to recover from the holiday shopping rush.  No matter, expect things will slow down and this may be the ideal time to get in some last minute of the year outdoor activities.

Here are some suggestions, some obvious, others not so obvious;

1. Go...It doesn't' matter when it comes to outdoor activities.  Go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, etc., etc., etc.   Don't waste these last two weeks wondering why you haven't filled all your deer tags yet, or should I good out for that late season duck hunt, or where are the deepest holes the fish may be handing in as the water cools.  Get out and do something that you will enjoy.  Call it "capping off the year" or whatever, but don't waste this time.  Late season rut may be kicking in, or in some of our southern neighbors, it may just be getting real active.   Camp sites are plentiful and you will never appreciate more the warmth of a big campfire than when camping this time of the year; oh and no bugs?

2. Pack...The end of the year means the end of most of our hunting until at least the start of spring.  Yes, there are some hunting activities remaining and I am envious of those who can get out and do a little rabbit hunting, or quail or other game still in season.  Never too late or early to hunt predators or hogs.  They are or should be on the schedule year round.  When I say "pack" however, I'm not referring to pack up to go hunting.  That's a "taken for granted" thought when covering number 1. Go.  What I'm referring to is taking the time to clean, sort, and pack up the hunting duds, equipment, and boots that you might not be using for a while.  Packing them will protect them and hopefully ensure you will be able to quickly find the items when the next outdoor season gets near for you.  Don't forget to remove batteries from your lights, bug zappers, or other equipment to ensure they don't "leak" and otherwise ruin your expensive equipment.  Clean and lubricate the guns and put them away for the winter.  Sort and clean your ammo to extend its life and prevent erosion on the casings. 

3. Dream...No in your sleep, but rather dream about what you want to do/accomplish/get around to with regard to your outdoor activities for the upcoming year.  Did you really get enough outdoor time for yourself this past year?  More importantly, did you get enough outdoor time with family and friends? Especially those kids who need the mentoring that outdoor activities provide.  What does next year's outdoor schedule look like?  Any new activities you would like to add to your experiences?  Wanting or willing to try something new?  How about your dream of traveling somewhere for a hunting or fishing experience you have only dreamed of; can you begin to plan and set aside a little money each week to bring that dream to fruition? 

The last two weeks of any year should not be a waste or a reflection of what might have been during the past year; rather it should be a celebration of what you will doing with that remaining two weeks and what you will accomplish the next year. 

Best wishes, happy holidays, and "dream on".

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