The Everyday Outdoorsman | Resolution 2014

The Everyday Outdoorsman | Resolution 2014
January 1, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Happy New Year!!!!  Another 365 just gone past, and a new 365 beginning.  If you are like me, you have probably thought about what your new year's resolutions might be?  If you are like me, they probably are things you've resolved to do in the past, with little to no luck.  Seems most people try to keep resolutions simply, but not easily accomplished.  Lose 30 pounds, quite smoking, drinking, shopping, or whatever.  I'm not sure I can ever recall any resolution I actually committed to and did; okay, maybe one or two.  Not sure, they were actually New Year's resolutions, but more like "bucket list" items I wanted to accomplish. 

Okay, so what does it take to successfully make resolutions that you can successfully accomplish?  I'm going to try a new approach that you might want to consider for yourself.  Being out door minded, my new approach will be primarily dedicated to outdoor activities.  Here's the kicker; I will try to resolve to do "new things", those activities I have actually either never tried, or were not successful with, or maybe things you did in your early years that you have not done in many years.  Here are some considerations;

1.  Find and commit to doing something you've never done.  Here's mine; several years ago I purchased a GPS with all good intentions to use it and tie it to my scouting and hunting.  Guess what, it's never been used.  One reason is its very complicated, at least for this simple mind.  Therefore, in 2014 I resolve to attend a GPS workshop to learn how to use the GPS I have.  Yes, there are workshops one can attend to learn this skill.  Mine is an outdoor store I'm a member of.  They have been offering the classes for several years.  I resolve to actually attend one this year.

2.  Resolve to renew an activity you have not done in several (many) years.  If you haven't camped in a long time, plan this activity during the year.  Several years ago I "re-discovered" the love I have with camping and began to renew this activity.  This past year I was able to take my grandson on a camping trip with me tied to a couple days of trout fishing.  For him, new experiences for me great reminders of my youth.

3.  Resolve to tie "physical activity" to the outdoors.  We all know that exercise keeps the body young.  For many years, I ran as part of my exercise regimen.  Unfortunately, a couple of surgeries and some worn out knees limit my ability to continue to run.  However, several years ago my wife and I began to regularly "hike" for exercise and enjoyment.  We found books that identified trails and places to hike in Georgia, where we reside.  We made numerous hiking trips, mostly to view the beautiful waterfalls that exist.  This low impact exercise was not only healthy for us, but allowed us to spend considerable time in the outdoors.  I am resolved to actively begin to hike once more with my wife and will hopefully include our kids and grandkids.

4.  Find new "outdoor" places to visit.  There are so many options of places to visit that are tied to the outdoors that it sometimes becomes difficult to choose where you want to go; start and national parks, historic sites, trails, lakes, mountains.  The list can go on and on.  Typically, just short drives away, these locations are not only interesting, but may tie to other resolutions you've committed to.  For example, in Georgia many state parks link to hiking trails (the Appalachian Trail), scenic waterfalls, or great fishing.  It's easy to plan to make a full day of driving to the site and then enjoying what it has to offer for the day.  Believe me, the full day of fresh air will provide you a great night's sleep when you get home.

Whatever your resolutions for 2014, make them fun, different, and tie them to your love of the outdoors.  You will find yourself more likely to successfully meet the goals you have set for yourself, while at the same time enjoying your great passion for the out of doors.

Happy New Year!

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