Hope you didn't forget "Dad" day

Hope you didn't forget "Dad" day
June 18, 2012, 2:30 pm
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Hope you didn't forget, or were forgotten on, Fathers Day. It's that special day when we can receive or give thanks to the dads that gave us the gift of the great outdoors.

It does not matter to what degree you have taken up the joy and pleasures of outdoor activities, only that you do. Whether hunting, fishing,camping, hiking, or any other great outdoor activities, someone blessed you with the initial introduction.  I'm not sure I ever thanked my dad enough, or at all, for the introduction I received to the activities that make up my outdoor time. I know that some of those activities developed long after I lost my dad in 1968, but the initial love that developed in me for outdoor activities came because of the time he took to get me involved and introduce me.

My first recollection was fishing with my dad, uncles, cousins, and grandfather. It was truly a family affair that everyone took part in. Next came hunting, with small game and then larger game. Again, a family affair. I further developed my love of the outdoors as I grew older and was given the benefit of traveling with my career. I never imagined, as a kid, that someday I would be fishing and scuba diving in Guam, Atlantic Salmon fishing in Iceland, hiking the beautiful trails and visiting waterfalls in Georgia and Tennessee ,hunting in such states as Georgia, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Alabama. Had it not been for my initial introduction into the outdoors I likely would never have experienced or appreciated all the activities I've experienced.  

I hope your initial introduction to the outdoors has mirrored mine; with a growing passion for all activities that give me the opportunity to be outside and to continue to develop my love for new experiences. The great thing about this passion is that all the experiences I've had are as close to you as they are to me. We live in a place where the outdoors is literally just outside our door step.  It doesn't matter where you live, you can be at a park or recreation area within a short drive of where you reside.  If you're really lucky you may already live where you can just walk out your door to celebrate that next experience.  

While your passions may change, they are still embedded in you, and if you so choose, can resurface at any time.  After a considerable "hiatus" from fishing and camping, I've dusted off the rods and camp gear and have celebrated my reintroduction this spring. It didn't take much to motivate me; a cousin moved to an adjoining state and we have plans to continue to celebrate our passions together, hopefully for some time to come.  

All this just to remind you, and me, that June is the month we celebrate Fathers Day, and those of us who love the outdoors have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the introduction we received to the outdoors, and those we have introduced the outdoors to. So, here's hoping you have enjoyed giving and receiving on this Fathers Day and that you don't forget those who gave you, or that you gave, that introduction to.  Celebrate.  Happy Father's Day.

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