Make the most of late summer

Make the most of late summer
July 19, 2013, 2:45 pm
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Hard to believe, but the end of summer is closer than you think.  You might already be thinking about the kids returning to school, and the end of summer vacations.  While you still have several weeks to enjoy with your family, it is a great time to take advantage of outdoor activities that you may have missed during the early part of the summer.  Many begin to focus on a return to a more normal routine with getting the kids up and ready for school and preparing for your workday.  Often, because families begin to focus more on return to school schedules, they don't take advantage of what I see is a reduction in competition for great outdoor outings. 

Here are a few to consider

1. Weekend camping expeditions; often the normally overcrowded campgrounds begin to thin out during the late summer periods.  Because families focus more on preparing for fall, and maybe they're had their fill of camping, camp ground spaces become readily available.  Warm days and nights that begin to cool make camping this time of year more pleasurable.  Normally, as the summer wears on the presence of insects becomes less of nuisance.  An evening around a campfire is a more celebrated event with fewer bugs and cooler temperatures.

2. Fish your favorite streams and lakes; again, as families focus begin to change you might see a significant reduction in the competition for your favorite fishing spots.  In Georgia, where I reside, hatcheries are still introducing trout into streams that normally get more than their share of competition from early spring through the summer.  By late summer, fishing pressure begins to drop.  Many of these streams provide for camping that, as indicated in point 1, typically see a drop in use.

3.  Hike your favorite trails; late summer will see a drop in those interested in hiking your favorite trails.  We have many great trails in Georgia and waiting until late summer often results in a great reduction in the numbers of people one will share trails with.  Take a trash bag with you and use your late summer hiking trips to help clean up the environment.  Trails will often show need cleaning up as not everyone who may use them might demonstrate a high level of respect for the beauty that nature has provided.

4.  Take advantage of lower fees and charges; late summer often means a reduction in fees you might spend to get away.  Many state parks begin to reduce the price of cabin rentals late in the summer because demand is less.  A great weekend away may include booking a cabin for you and your family and making the most of the activities you will find in the area.  Fees typically will remain low throughout the fall and winter months, so don't forget to take advantage of these reductions later in the year.

While you may also need to begin to change your focus away from summer activities, don't forget to take advantage of the many late summer activities that will keep you and your family involved in the outdoors.

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