Rainy days and Sundays

Rainy days and Sundays
July 5, 2012, 3:15 pm
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As I write this, it is raining outside, and has been since late last night. We saw it coming and the weather forecaster got it right- 100 chance.

No matter, I didn't have any plans that I've had to change or cancel because of the rain.  In addition, the rain is much needed for my lawn as well as for all the wildlife in the outdoors. I'm not sure we recognize that summer is typically a high stress period for all wildlife ,particularly during periods of drought.  While things look "green", in reality new growth is non-existent. Wildlife can find this period very stressful, particularly given that the summer is a time when the young are being delivered or trying to get their feet on the ground.

But the stress of summer is not really the purpose of this blog. Rather it's to consider what we do when rainy days take away our plans for outdoor activities. Here are some thoughts on how best to spend those rainy days:

1. Plan future outdoor activities. Rainy days are a great time to get on the computer and surf for ideas on your next outdoor adventure. It might not even be something that will become a reality for you.  Ever have an interest in an exotic hunt in a far-away land? The web can provide you much in the way of interesting reading material about outfitters and opportunities for hunting or fishing adventures that you may never be able to enjoy or afford. These adventures may also become part of your "bucket list" of what you would do if you hit the lottery jackpot or come into an unexpected inheritance.  Bringing me back to the ground, you can also explore the opportunities for interesting hikes to secluded waterfalls or historic sites close enough to enjoy a day trip.

You might also take the time to study the vast opportunities afforded you by your state natural resources department that maintain fishing waters, hiking trails or camping areas. It's fun to find an opportunity for a new adventure, and then look up all the interesting facts about the area it's located in. (I even take the time to look for interesting eating establishments that offer a local "flair".) Spending your rainy day inside can be an interesting way to find new and exciting ways to spend your time outdoors.

2. Prepare for future adventures. I think I've described before the frustration of going on a trip, only to find out I've forgotten to pack something I needed.  Whether hunting, camping, or fishing trips, it seems I never take the time to ensure I have everything I need.What a great way to spend a rainy day; going through your gear, making sure you have everything ready for that next adventure. It also provides you the chance to make sure everything is working properly: reels are oiled, lines not frayed, checking hooks and sinkers or flies. Your game calls are in good working order and you have all the gloves, socks, face nets and other accessories ready when the hunting bug hits you. Repack that "backpack" that is an integral part of your hiking adventures; bug spray, cleanser for poisonivy/oak, first aid kit, anti-bacterial soap, necessity paper, etc.  Always seems we get into a big enough hurry when heading outdoors that we forget the very basics. Rainy days are a great time to prepare.

3. Once you have spent time planning and preparing for future adventures, rainy days provide the opportunity to visit your local outdoor store to "stock up" on what you have discovered you need for those future activities. Just expect a crowd, because if everyone reads this blog they'll be doing exactly what you are doing on a rainy day, planning your next great outdoor adventure.  Sooooo, let it rain. Enjoy the outdoors and the nice break summer rains provide from the heat.

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