The Rut and Other Things

The Rut and Other Things
November 17, 2012, 3:00 pm
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I've spent the last few blogs describing the upcoming deer season. The time is now, "the rut is on".

Deer are very active, feeding heavily for the upcoming winter season. Does are coming into estrus and bucks are seeking and chasing. If you've followed my previous blogs, then you know about getting prepared, planning your hunts, and taking advantage of that moment when the "big guy" shows up and you have your opportunity for that wall hanger.  Rifle is sighted in, scents and calls are in your pack and you are prepared for long sits while awaiting the activity that occurs this time of the year.

Okay, enough already!  I've done my part and so feel it fitting that we not forget about the other "sportsmen" and their fall activities. If you are a hunter, but not necessarily a deer hunter,you are probably having enjoyment in the out of doors pursuing your favorite past time, be it upland birds, small game, waterfowl, or other big game (as in those once in a lifetime hunt pursuing unfamiliar game outside your local area).  If you are experienced you've done your homework to prepare for your activities, just as the deer fanatic shave. You are well clothed and shod and have the necessary items to make your hunt enjoyable and successful. If not, as it may be early season, don't forget your local Academy store to stock up on the basics.

Now, if you are generally an out of doors person, with or without a passion for hunting, you are also probably enjoying the changing seasons. The coolness of the mornings,the fresh scent of the fall air are all motivators to get us out. Whether hiking, camping, biking, fishing, or other out of door endeavors, this time of the year is normally looked forward to by all of us who love the outdoors.  Wildlife tends to be most active this time of the year, so no matter what reason you have for spending quality time outdoors, you are likely going to have some great viewing of active wildlife as they move about preparing for the cold months ahead. It's also a lot easier viewing as leaves have fallen and the forests have opened up, allowing much greater visibility.  When trekking about, don't forget a good pair of binoculars to help you focus in on everything that is going on around you.

Speaking about wildlife movement, this is also the time of the year when wildlife and automobile collisions happen most frequently. Because deer movement is at an all time high, and deer numbers continue to grow, the most frequent type of collision is deer and vehicles. I can always tell when the rut is approaching by the number of deer lying by roadsides due to increased activity. I only raise the issue because deer and vehicle collisions can be very damaging and I ask all out of doors lovers to drive cautiously and be aware that wildlife can appear at any given time during the first half of November. Other wildlife are also on the move so you are likely to see other victims of drivers just not paying attention.Well, this blog has rambled somewhat, but with the focus on the deer hunting crowd the past several blogs, I wanted to start bringing us back to the out of doors sportsmen that enjoy activities other than just deer hunting. It's also to begin to start our focus on the next major event; namely the holiday season and to begin to decide what we need to provide our loved ones with to increase their activities in the outdoors.

Now you know what to look forward to in upcoming blogs during the remainder of 2012.  So, in leaving; I wish you great success during the peak deer hunting season, don't forget those with other outdoor passions, be safe this fall season, and look forward to the upcoming holidays. Happy "hodgepodge" to all.

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