The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving
December 15, 2012, 4:15 pm
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Well, it's that time of the year, again.  Christmas is just around the corner. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and are preparing for the Christmas holidays. Now is also the time to put together your shopping list; not only for those you will gift, but also your "want" list that you should provide to those who will shop for you. I've already done my "want" list, and it is very short, only three items. Guess as I've gotten older my needs have diminished and I no longer look for those gifts that it would be nice to have, but aren't really needed.

By making my "want" list I'm making it easy for those shopping for me and it will ensure that what is gifted to me are truly needed and appreciated. (It also means no trips back to stores to stand in lines to refund those unwanted/unneeded gifts).

Here's how I did my list.  Again, it was very short, so it was easy to compose: I typed up the list, as well as listing those I expect to receive gifts from.  I also provided contact information on those on the list. I suggested that as someone on the list selects the gift they will be giving me, that they contact the others on the list to let them know. This prevents duplication and ensures those purchasing gifts don't spend more than necessary. (I know with tough financial times that those gifting will appreciate that monies spent on gifts are not a waste.)

I would encourage you to make up your want list and share it with those you expect to receive gifts from. You might also suggest the best place to purchase the items, whether a box store, the mall or your local sporting goods store, like Academy. You might also want to suggest that those you expect to receive gifts from also create their own "want list" and that they share the list with those they expect to receive gifts from. I also want to remind you that gifts you give don't necessarily have to have a monetary value. You can give the gift of your time with days hunting, fishing, camping,hiking or other outdoor activities. The time following hunting seasons in the fall are excellent times to commit your time to providing the gift of time spent in the great outdoors with those who share your passion to be outside. Maybe it's a day spent hiking trails, a late season fishing day or a "cold" weather camping trip. Any time spent outside with the ones you love, sharing the enjoyment of the great outdoors is worth a pot of gold.

If you asked for, or were asked to provide gift cards to your local sporting goods store, the end of the year is a great time to shop for those end of year specials. It's common to find the best deals as the year winds down and retailers are looking to reduce inventories before the new merchandise arrives. A weekend shopping to look for special bargains can be time well spent with family members and can complete your list of needs for the upcoming new year.Make the most of your time and money when gifting or being gifted during the Christmas holidays, enjoy the time spent with the family and, most importantly, take advantage of the activities provided to you during this end of the year season.

Happy holidays.

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