Take a Break from the Heat!

Take a Break from the Heat!
June 20, 2011, 4:00 pm
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The heat of the summer is upon us!

Now is the time to find those activities that will provide a break from the heat. Most of us in the Southeast are fortunate that we live close to water and ormountains. They can both, in their own way, provide this break for us.  I'm very fortunate living in North Georgia. I can be in the mountains within an hour and a major lake is available within 20 minutes from my house. I have found great pleasure in taking advantage of the many state and federal parks that exist in the mountains of North Georgia. When the urge hits I'll pack up the camping gear and head north to my favorite spot and will find a good camping spot for a few days of enjoyment.  Trout fishing is abundant and no matter how hot it seems to be, it's always cooler by the stream.

The vast stands of trees offer comforting shade and make the day pleasurable. At night it cools off enough to be comfortable and make sleeping a pure joy.  Nearby lakes can offer the same type of respite from the heat. Whether on a boat or just by the shore, water can temper the heat of the day.  Most lakes offer shorelines for swimming and shade to get us out of the sun.  If you live close to the ocean or gulf you can find the same relaxing break from the heat. The seashore may not offer the same shade or cover, but you can create your own with a canopy or umbrella.

Whether taking your break in the mountains, by a nearby lake or at the seashore don't forget your sun screen, bug spray and fluids. All three will make your stay pleasurable.

My wife and I discovered the joy of hiking several years ago and have found that our favorite trails can also provide a break from the summer heat. We hike for the exercise and the joy provided by nature. Georgia has abundant hiking trails that provide magnificent views of many of the waterfalls to be found in the North Georgia mountains. They vary in the degree of difficulty so we save the toughest for the cooler weather of the spring or fall.  A pack- in lunch and beverages mean we never have to be in a hurry and can enjoy our time in nature without feeling hurried.

Don't let yourself get complacent due to the heat of the summer; but rather find those activities that will provide the enjoyment of being out of doors in environments that provide a break from the summer heat. Whether in the water or the woods, there are many activities we can enjoy during the heat of the summer. Enjoy and don't forget to take the kids.

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