There's No Season like the Next Season

There's No Season like the Next Season
March 14, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Wow, mid March, and let's see- there has got to be some new and exciting dates pending?  It's not just St. Patrick's Day or Easter; but how about the beginning of some of our most exciting out of doors seasons? 

I checked with my state Fish and Game department and discovered (as if I didn't know) that both Spring Turkey and Trout Seasons begin this month.  Turkey in Georgia begins March 23rd and runs through May 15.  Spring Trout Season begins March 31.  Holy cow; haven't planned anything, haven't bought anything, and these two of my favorite seasons are around the corner.  How will I prioritize my needs?

1.  First off, the basics.  Take a quick inventory of the items I use, for both Turkey and Trout Season.  Make a list of what I must have to begin; clothes (I'm okay there), equipment (I think I'm okay here), batteries for flash lights, check the camping equipment, bug spray, on and on.  Make the list of "must haves" and plan my trip to my favorite sporting goods store.  (Academy has all the items I may need, and likely some I may not need, but just want to have.)

2.  Now plan.  In the past both Turkey and Trout started on the same weekend.  Then someone realized that many of the dedicated turkey hunters were also dedicated trout fishermen and struggled with what to do first..... it was downright confusing.  Now, one can plan the opening of turkey season and the opening of trout season. 

3.  Execute.  Okay, with only a couple weeks to go it's time to make a couple of quick trips.  Check out the turkey territory; see if any gobbling has started.  Are the Red Birds singing yet?  Are there signs of strutting?  Then a quick trip to my favorite trout water…any changes in the layout of the stream since the last couple big rains?  Have camping sites changed?  Anything I need to consider before planning my first weekend on the water?  These trips are likely going to be critical to the success you are looking to achieve during the early season of both turkey and trout.

4.  Take care of the "honey do's".  With only a couple weeks to go you better check to ensure your highest priority "honey do's" have been or are being taken care of.  I've got lots to do in cleaning up around the lawn, picking up limbs, pine cones, and generally getting the lawn ready for the early growth that will start very soon.  Thank goodness my list is short (I think) as my wife has been very sensitive to my physical efforts since my mid February surgery.  Still, I know my wife will be much more understanding of my outdoor needs if I take care of her home needs.

5.  Now, go.  Okay, plans are made; I've taken care of my needs and completed my "honey do's".  I'm ready to go, or am I.  Are my outdoor forays to be done alone, or do I include family?  I'd love to have one of my daughter's join me in either of these two past times.  I think either one would get a hoot out of laying down a long beard.  I think either would also enjoy the cool nighttime mountain air and the sound of rushing water down my favorite trout stream.  How about my grandson?  He's now 9 and I think ready to become a regular fixture with me and my trips.  And, if any of them decide to join me, what else might I need to make the trip successful for them?  Okay, not as easy as it sounds.  Guess I need to do a little more planning in order to execute my plan.  I've still got some time and as I said "there's no season like the next season".

Have a wonderful spring, prepare for the pleasures of the outdoors and plan your outings with your family in mind.

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