My last blog dealt with the mid-winter blues.  I guess it's only fitting that this blog deals with the "OMG-what's going on?"  Has anyone other than myself noticed the changes in this winter?  It


I sometimes start out my blog by making a statement like "I can't believe it's already _____ (fill in the blank; fall, the end of deer season, the beginning of turkey season , etc., etc.)  Now I'm


Happy New Year!!!!  Another 365 just gone past, and a new 365 beginning.  If you are like me, you have probably thought about what your new year's resolutions might be?  If you are like me, they p


Two weeks to go, and then; "pop goes the champagne", "Happy New Year".  Basically, as a top 10 song goes "another one bites the dust".  I cannot believe how much faster time goes by as I grow grac


Can you believe the fall hunting seasons are almost over with?  Where does the time go?  What follows are normally what outdoors people dread; the rush, the crowds, and the time taken to complete


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SEC Baseball: Which team will win the SEC in 2014?