Final broadcast of 2013 brings about reflection

Final broadcast of 2013 brings about reflection
December 4, 2013, 10:45 am
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Brandon Adams

This Friday night is our final Atlanta Falcons High School Football broadcast of the season. So I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what we have witnessed this year. If you have been watching our telecasts then I am sure that you will agree with me that the quality of the coaches and players around the southeast has never been higher, and the games themselves have never been more entertaining than they are here in this era. 

I think the truth of that statement is proven the most by the fact that it is getting harder to decide which matchup to showcase. There are so many schools producing college-level talent now that each week there are almost always two or three games that absolutely would have made for great TV if not for another selection that was even better. 

That is one of the reasons I was so glad to see us add the digital platform this year. As you know, each Friday you were able to not only watch the game we were showing you on CSS, but you were also able to view two more contests on The production of those broadcasts is just one of the ways that those at this network express their devotion to the sport of high school football. 

Another commitment that you no doubt noticed this season was our Southern Peanut Growers scoreboard each week. I loved following the updates from the games across the southeast. I personally felt that feature during halftime and postgame was among the best stuff we did all season. This has been especially true during the playoffs. 

I also enjoyed reading the Sonic Southeastern High School Football Top 25 on the website each week, too. I am sure those rankings started more than a few good-natured debates. But that is the great thing about this sport, it starts conversations. And those conversations promote community. 

Ultimately, that sense of community that I witnessed will be the thing I remember most about this season. Whether it be the food at the tailgate or the celebration after the touchdown, you just cannot beat the way high school football brings people together. 

On behalf of everyone at CSS, thank you for allowing our telecasts to be one of your gathering spots each week this fall. We certainly expect to go out on a high note this Friday as Colquitt County travels north of Atlanta to take on Norcross in the Georgia 6A semifinals. As you watch those two great teams compete for a shot at the state title, just know that we have already started working to make 2014 even more successful!

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