SEC Tonight Clipboard: #JohnnyFootball, #ClowneyHit, #MarshallHenderson

SEC Tonight Clipboard: #JohnnyFootball, #ClowneyHit, #MarshallHenderson
July 22, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Is Texas A&M Enabling Johnny Football’s Poor Decisions 

I don't have a big problem with Johnny Manziel.  I DO believe he's just a 20-year-old kid and he's only doing what he's being allowed to do.  How many of us given the same situation wouldn't be doing a lot of the same things. Things I don't have a problem with – he drives a Mercedes - buys courtside seats for NBA games - plays PebbleBeach - spring breaks in Cabo.  Good for him.

Things I do have a problem with - Oversleeping - late for meetings - failing to live up to his responsibilities at the Manning Passing Academy.  Allegedly lying to cover up his mistakes.  Not big on that - but again this is something he's probably been allowed to do by many along the way. 

My bigger problem is with Texas A&M.  When Johnny Football makes a mistake, they like to fall back on the excuse "well he's just a 20-year-old college kid."  Problem is they like to treat him like a college kid, when that is convenient.  When Manziel complained that all the attention on campus was making it too difficult to go to class, Texas A&M said, "Don’t bother attending classes, you can take your courses on-line." Funny how there's too many autograph seekers on campus to go to class but it never seems to inhibit his night life whatsoever.  If Johnny Football is guilty of poor judgment, bad decisions, consider Texas A&M his enabler. The Aggies words insist Manziel is just a 20-year-old college kid.  Their actions say something entirely different.  It's a shame, being a 20-year-old college kid, this is not only a great opportunity for Manziel to have a lot of fun, but also learn life lessons about responsibility and accountability. 

Was Clowney’s Famous Hit Illegal? 

ACC Supervisor of Officials Doug Rhoads says he would have ejected South Carolina star Jadaveon Clowney for his now-famous hit on Michigan RB Vincent Smith.  Rhoads says Clowney used the crown of his helmet. By strictest interpretation of the rule, it appears Rhoads is right.  Rule 9 - Section 1 - Article 3 of the NCAA Football Rules Book states:  No player shall target and initiate contact against an opponent with the crown of his helmet.  It is a foul and 15-yard penalty.  For fouls in the second half of games:  Disqualification for the remainder of the game.  If the foul occurs in the second half of the last game of the season, the disqualification will continue during the first half of the first game of the following season. "Targeting" means that a player takes aim at an opponent for purposes of attacking with an apparent intent that goes beyond making a legal tackle.  That doesn’t seem to apply in the Clowney case.  But according to the rule book, some indicators of targeting include but are not limited to:  Lowering the head before attacking by initiating contact with the crown of the helmet.  That does apply in the Clowney case.  

Sounds to me the Clowney hit is totally subject to an official’s interpretation of 9-1-3. 

Will Marshall Henderson be Back at Ole Miss? 

My sources tell me he will be.  I thought the success of last season and Andy Kennedy's new contract gave them the perfect opportunity to tell Marshall Henderson that they've had enough.  But this season's recruiting class is in the bottom fourth of the conference and the Rebels lose Murphy Holloway, Reginald Buckner and Nick Williams - that's 32 ppg and 20 rpg and your leading shot-blocker and ball-stealer.  AK will need Henderson's 20 ppg and the headaches that will come with it. 

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