Too Many Off Days in Omaha

Too Many Off Days in Omaha
June 19, 2013, 11:15 pm
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They need to speed-up this College World Series.  No I’m not being selfish and want to get this thing done; okay that’s part of it but the truth is the current set-up doesn’t reward the strongest and deepest teams. 

Baseball is a game that’s meant to be played every day.  There aren’t many off days in baseball.  Certainly not the three in a row like Mississippi State got when they started the CWS 2-0.

Part of baseball is the attrition of the game, having the depth and the strength to battle through a long marathon game and tournament.  During the regular season and even the post-season tournaments (conference tourneys, regionals and super regionals) the team with the most pitching depth is usually the team that prevails.  The CWS format negates that. 

There’s no reason a college baseball team shouldn’t have to play three games in a row.  That’s what they do during the season when they have conference weekends.  It shows the true depth and strength of a team. 

If they would tighten-up the schedule here in Omaha, they could have the entire double-elimination and national championship series wrapped-up in a maximum of 10 days.  The way the CWS is currently formatted, the tournament could last up to 12 days. 

That might not seem like a whole lot but it would eliminate consecutive off days for teams, which is totally unnecessary in a tournament, especially one that is trying to determine the national championship. 

The irony is that a team like Mississippi State is built for the rigors of a tough tournament.  They’ve got depth in their pitching staff. 

I realize they like to stretch the CWS because it’s great for the Omaha economy but they could speed this thing along; for the good of the game.