Butch Jones Goes High Tech to Film UT Football Practice

Butch Jones Goes High Tech to Film UT Football Practice
April 19, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Butch Jones, in his first season as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers football team, is looking for every advantage he can get, including using a drone to film football practice on Wednesday.

On game days during televised action, some networks span cables over the playing field for unique overhead shots of the action. These wide angle shots get more of the action on film, allowing fans to get a bigger picture and allowing coaching staffs to evaluate movement away from the football.

Instead of employing a cabling system during practice, Jones had a drone flying overhead to give these unique views.

Evan Woodberry of the Knoxville News Sentinel shot some video of the UT drone warming up prior to practice (yes, even the drone and it’s operator have to loosen up prior to practice) and posted it via vine on his twitter account.

After practice, Jones gave a statement about his use of the drone and who came up with the idea.

"That's just another teaching tool that you'll see flying around here at Tennessee," said Jones to the assembled media. "We're going to do everything to be able to teach with the greatest technology and everything, with different camera angles and all that so I'm actually looking forward to see what those angles bring.

"It's a number of guys. It's our support staff, it's Joe Harrington. It's everyone just always trying to make the program better each and every day. That's the culture that we're building here. It doesn't matter if it's our secretaries, our equipment staff, our training staff, or our cooks. How can we make Tennessee football better each and every day?"

With just 16 wins over the last three seasons, and only five against Southeastern Conference foes, Jones is under incredible pressure to turn the program around. Kudos to him for pulling out every stop imaginable.

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