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HOUSTON - It took 11 innings for the Rice Owls to defeat the Texas State Bobcats 4-3. However, this win signified more than just their first home win of the season.
There were a lot of red eyes in Omaha Tuesday night.  Even pretty tough young men getting ready to embark on pro baseball careers, some of them to make a lot of money, can get a little emotional w
Coach John Cohen’s face was flushed.  He rubbed his forehead.  He rubbed his eyes.  He seemed agitated after watching his team frustrated in a 3-1 loss to UCLA in game one of the College World Ser

Around the South

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    It isn’t the recommended route to winning the College World Series but Oregon State has done it before.  In 2006, the Beavers lost their opening game, but played their way through the losers’ bracket to win the school’s first national championship.  Oregon State is hoping...
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    If you were to catch-up with John Cohen and Burke Masters on a typical day, you would never guess the connection.  Cohen is the intense, passionate head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  Masters is a parish priest in Chicago.  But 23 years ago, they were teammates...
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    They need to speed-up this College World Series.  No I’m not being selfish and want to get this thing done; okay that’s part of it but the truth is the current set-up doesn’t reward the strongest and deepest teams.  Baseball is a game that’s meant to be played every day. ...
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    That’s the slogan for the 2013 College World Series.  You see it everywhere, on the side of the stadium, on billboards, even on our media credential, catchy and in the case of Mississippi State so apropos.  It seems this Bulldogs team makes history happen every time they...
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    The LSU Tiger's surprising elimination at the 2013 College World Series. Matt Stewart reports.
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    New Georgia Bulldogs Baseball Coach Scott Stricklin credits his career success to Georgia Tech Coach Danny Hall.  How’s that for a different twist to the Clean, Old Fashion Hate rivalry?  Stricklin arrives “back” in Athens with an impressive resume.  The most impressive...
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    Pitching is to SEC Baseball what defense is to SEC Football.  It is what separates the SEC from all the other conferences in the country in both sports.  Sure there's great pitching in other conferences around the nation but top to bottom you will not find a deeper...


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