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Spring games are often about offensive skilled guys and defensive skilled players. This past weekend was no different.
There are plenty of spring football games over the next two weekends as practice begins to wind down. Ole Miss and LSU finished last weekend with both heading to the summer with different needs.
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- The decision to leave school a year early and turn professional can be difficult.

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    Spring storylines are starting to develop as we enter the month of April and some interesting quarterback battles as well. We all know Texas A&M has to replace Johnny Manziel, but the information coming out of College Station is far and few between. I know Sumlin will...
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    I was a college football coach and graduate assistant, and I know how much these guys put into their job and what they sacrifice with their families. I have always believed that coaches need to get what they can because the shelf life for a head coach anyway is very short. 
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    ATHENS, Ga. - Spring has arrived in the Classic City. Of course, with a chilling rain and temperatures in the 30's, that fact may not seem all that apparent. But for the Georgia football team, this week will mark a renewal and the first steps towards next season.
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    This past weekend I got a glimpse of the 2014 Alabama Crimson Tide as I watched their first spring practice session. The talent and size is there for another run at a BCS title, but they have two major areas that need to be addressed.
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    The SEC is looking at nine-game scheduling models for 2016 and beyond. One of the major selling points is the fact that one more game against the best league in college football will ensure that the SEC is covered on strength of schedule.  With the new playoff consisting...
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    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- The last pool press conference with AJ McCarron felt the same as the others. Sweaty and smushed together with 15 writers and 10 television reporters, some holding a camera in one hand and a microphone in the other, making sure the sound of clichés and...
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    The NCAA is considering an early signing period for football, and it would appear the move is imminent. This has been in discussion for years by coaches who believe their budgets and efforts get maxed out by continuing the recruiting process up until February.


2014 CSS Spring Football


Ole Miss 4/5@1p 4/5@1p
Georgia 4/12@1p 4/12@1p
Miss St 4/12@1p 4/12@4p
Clemson 4/12@3p 4/13@4p
Miami 4/12@6p    TBA
GA Tech 4/18@7p 4/19@12p
Alabama 4/19@3p 4/20@7p
Auburn 4/19@3p 4/20@5p

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