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Spring games are often about offensive skilled guys and defensive skilled players. This past weekend was no different.
There are plenty of spring football games over the next two weekends as practice begins to wind down. Ole Miss and LSU finished last weekend with both heading to the summer with different needs.
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- The decision to leave school a year early and turn professional can be difficult.

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    The 10-second rule is dead for now, without ever getting to the oversight committee. What is not done is the discussion about the way the game has evolved with the no-huddle offenses. This debate brought out the biggest names in the sport, including the major proponent,...
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    Auburn, Ala. – When Auburn defensive end Dee Ford was pulled from NFL Combine workouts for medical reasons in February, he didn’t get a chance to show the football world what he could do, and how that might translate to the next level.
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    South Carolina will be the first SEC East team to kick off spring football this week as the team cranks it up on Tuesday. The Gamecocks have been the most consistent program in the division, winning 11 games three seasons in a row. The question remains, can they take the...
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    Much of the pre-spring analysis has centered on the departure of a great group of quarterbacks. There is no question that replacing a deep and talented group is on everyone’s agenda the next two months. The group led by Johnny Manziel and AJ McCarron is considered one of...
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    Spring football begins next month, and for many teams it's an opportunity to take a closer look at young guys who did not play last season. Most players make their biggest improvements from the first season to the second. It doesn't matter whether they were a redshirt or...
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    Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun, who serves as the chairman on the rules committee, has come out and said there is not any empirical data that shows fast play equals more injuries. Gus Malzahn has been very vocal the past week, and seems to be the voice of reason...
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    ATHENS, Ga. -- The joke goes something like this: the offseason hasn't truly begun until the Georgia football team has suspended or dismissed one of its players. So it is with Josh Harvey-Clemons, who officially parted ways with the Bulldogs on Tuesday after just two...


2014 CSS Spring Football


Ole Miss 4/5@1p 4/5@1p
Georgia 4/12@1p 4/12@1p
Miss St 4/12@1p 4/12@4p
Clemson 4/12@3p 4/13@4p
Miami 4/12@6p    TBA
GA Tech 4/18@7p 4/19@12p
Alabama 4/19@3p 4/20@7p
Auburn 4/19@3p 4/20@5p

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