Why the SEC is so special?

Why the SEC is so special?
September 17, 2013, 8:15 am
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The argument of whether the Southeastern Conference is the most dominant conference in the land has been argued for a very long time. The competition on a weekly basis adds so much intrigue to a league that bolsters some major powerhouses.

Right now there are five teams amongst the top 15 in the country and another just outside the top 15 at No. 19 in Florida. The rich tradition you get visiting the schools in this conference is unlike any other. There is the deafening noise of Death Valley, the poetic eagle calls in Auburn, the famous hedges of Sanford Stadium, the packing of 109,000 into Vol country, or the 12th man with the Aggies.

Whether you like good old fashion hard-nosed football or some of the best atmospheres college football has to offer, look no further than the SEC.

With the likes of Vandy, Ole Miss and Mississippi State continuing to improve every year, the argument is easy that every single game can be tougher than the last. The SEC is a beast to deal with on a weekly basis.

Not to mention, for the last seven years the winner of the national championship game has come from the SEC. That success only adds to the argument of the SEC's dominance. Whether you are an SEC enthusiast or not, the facts are in. The SEC has proven year after year that if it’s not the best, it’s one of the best conferences each year.

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