As I recall the first time I heard the words "Be Prepared" was when I first joined the scouts.  Even as a Cub Scout, Be Prepared was the motto that followed the scouting movement.  We began to dev


Wow, April already and March finished as predicted, out like a lamb.  As I write this the temperatures have been pushing the mid to upper 70's all week.  Everything in budding out or in bloom poll


Well, it appears winter may be over.  This past week I think was the first week since December where the number of warm days exceeded the number of cold days in the week.  Here in North Georgia tr


Okay, enough already (did I already say that?).  It's now March and still acting like winter.  Now if you are reading this in the great white North somewhere, you're probably wondering why I'm com


Okay, enough already.  It's mid-February, still winter mind you, but I don't think I'm alone in asking for a "little" relief.  Seems we can't get through a week without either some white stuff or